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mental health training personalised for you.

every day, based on stoic philosophy, we will prepare a set of exercises that will teach you how to cope with stress, increase productivity, build resilience and confidence.

stoic. will learn what really works for you and how you feel after exercises and will improve your experience with time.
clear your mind with multiple guided journalings.
different breathing techniques to help you focus or wind down before sleep.
become less afraid of taking action with fear setting and negative visualization.
your thought and journals are private and only you have access to them. lock the app with password and backup all data on iCloud.
be mindful and achieve emotional stability with training of attention and awareness.
build healthy habits and consistency with reminders and motivation from stoic.


all-in-one mental health app.
learn stoicism philosophy and how to cope with stress. get your daily mental health tracker companion for mood tracking, journaling, meditations, and reflection.